Russian River Rentals' Homes

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Ananda, Monte Rio
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 4)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Ananda is a magical little cottage nestled in the hills above the Russian River. The name Ananda means bliss, and that's what you'll find at this private, serene hideaway. With a spacious living room, large sunny deck, and beautiful gazebo with ...  more

Antler River Lodge, Guerneville
3 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 10)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
If you're looking for a truly authentic river experience, you'll find it at Antler River Lodge, a stunning home built entirely out of redwood. This huge log "cabin" was built in the 1930s by one of the founding families of Guerneville. With ...  more

Aunt Ginny's River View, Monte Rio
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendly_notspacerspacer
Aunt Ginny's River View is a beautiful cottage overlooking the Russian River and located at the Northwood Golf Course. With gorgeous views and trees all around, you will find your stay to be the ultimate relaxation.

TOT# 2067N...  more

Camp Ciyole, Guerneville
3 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 8)spacer icon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Welcome to Camp Ciyole, a beautifully-appointed home nestled under the redwoods in Guerneville. With tons of light, spacious deck and yard, and tree views galore, it's just a 5-minute walk to the river.

TOT# 2818N...  more

Clearheart Grove, Guerneville
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 5)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
If you long for the river of yester year, you will love Clearheart Grove, a beautifully cabin with all of its original clear heart redwood interior preserved. Set in a grove of redwoods, it's surrounded by decks and porches, and still bathed in ...  more

Garden Paradise, Monte Rio
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Garden Paradise is aptly named. A calming, tranquil and inviting garden retreat perched on a hill overlooking the surrounding redwoods. While you may not want to leave, the river is only a short walk away.

TOT# 807N...  more

Grand Dame on the River, Monte Rio
5 BR, 3 BA, (sleeps 12)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Grand Dame on the River is a large light-filled home situated on the river in Monte Rio. With soaring living room ceilings and art from around the world, it's a truly unique and wonderful home. The expansive yard begs for lawn games, and is just...  more

Green Ridge Retreat, Guerneville
3 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 8)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Green Ridge Retreat is a very special place - it's hard to know where to start... from the minute you walk onto the deck to the open-plan living room, the big comfy beds and well-appointed kitchen - it has everything you could want. Did we ...  more

Guernewood Landing, Guerneville
2 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Guernewood, on the west side of Guerneville, your retreat and water recreation area...  more

La Masia, Cazadero
4 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 8)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendly_noticon_poolspacerspacer
"La Masia" - meaning The Farmhouse - is a secluded estate with an artistic masterpiece of a house situated between a gorgeous pool and direct access to Austin Creek in the quiet Cazadero countryside...  more

Lost and Found, Monte Rio
2 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Lost and Found - It's not the house that's lost, it's the rest of the world that becomes lost when you are in this retreat nestled in the woods...  more

Moose Lodge, Forestville
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 4)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Perched hillside and nestled among the redwoods rests Moose Lodge, a cozy and inviting two-bedroom, one bath cabin, that is perfect for a romantic getaway.

TOT# 2078N...  more

Orchard View, Guerneville
4 BR, 3 BA, (sleeps 8 (11 with kids))spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Orchard View is a charming farm house situated in the midst of a glorious old orchard and surrounded by extensive gardens. This home has a strong feeling of openness and space, yet it's one of our most private homes because it's set on so much ...  more

Osprey Hill, Guerneville
2 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 4)spacer icon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Osprey Hill is a charming hillside cottage with river canyon views, situated on a hill overlooking the quiet Vacation Beach area of Guerneville, which was established in the 1920s. With two bedrooms, each with its own bath, it is a great place ...  more

Otter House, Monte Rio
2 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_bikesicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Otter House - a delightful and homey cottage near the Russian River. With a picket fence, garden and lovely outdoor lounging spots, this cheery home's style has something for everyone.

TOT# 3141N...  more

Patterson, Guerneville
3 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 8)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
The Patterson is a mid-century marvel in the redwoods. Windows galore, smart furnishings, an open floorplan, and lots of privacy all make this 3 bed/2 bath Guerneville home a real winner.

TOT# 3454N...  more

Redwood Lodge, Monte Rio
3 BR, 3 BA, (sleeps 4 (6 with kids))spacer icon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Handsome, sunny home in Monte Rio offers privacy, convenience and river access! Cocooned by towering redwoods, this 3 bedroom house next to Northwood Golf Course combines lovely views with traditional comforts.

TOT# 2033N...  more

River Gem, Guerneville
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendly_notspacerspacer
River Gem is that rare river find - a cozy house with direct access to the river and an amazingly lush and private backyard. It's the perfect getaway!

TOT# 1571N...  more

Riverdale, Monte Rio
4 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 8)spacer icon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_bikesicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Riverdale is a charming riverfront property on a quiet, sunny street in Monte Rio. With a large backyard to relax and watercraft for fun on the river, it's a fabulous place for couples, families, or friends. Please note - the downstairs area is...  more

Riverside Chateau, Guerneville
3 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 8 in Summer, 6 in Winter)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Riverside Chateau is a gorgeous riverfront home with private beach in a very quiet neighborhood. Nestled in the redwoods, the property is also very sunny and warm. With two decks overlooking the river and lots of privacy, you'll feel like you're...  more

Riverside Hideaway, Monte Rio
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 4)spacer icon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
If you're looking for an affordable riverfront escape, Riverside Hideaway is the perfect place for you. Cozy on the inside, spacious on the outside, this ground floor apartment is a real find.

TOT# 725N...  more

Riverside Retreat, Duncans Mills
1 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 4)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Picture yourself relaxing on a huge and beautiful deck, completely surrounded by nature - hills, trees, river - because that's exactly what you get at Riverside Retreat. This special riverfront cottage in located in picturesque Duncans Mills. <...  more

Sanctuaire, Monte Rio
2 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Sanctuaire is an oasis of privacy and tranquility. It has a warm ambience, gorgeous landscaping, a hot tub, and even a sauna. With a large deck and fenced garden, this house is truly a relaxing retreat.

TOT# 2085N...  more

Stairway To Haven, Monte Rio
4 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 10)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_kayakicon_bikesicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Offering complete privacy and seclusion, Stairway to Haven is situated on six beautifully wooded yet sunny parcels on a hill above the Russian River in Monte Rio. Linger in the hot tub under the redwoods, take a short walk to the river or a ...  more

Sunrise Mountain Retreat, Cazadero
4 BR, 3 BA, (sleeps 8)spacer icon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Sunrise Mountain Retreat is that rare, spectacular property that has it all: privacy, space, sun, views, and luxury. Come experience this hillside retreat that's just 10 minutes off the highway, but feels a world away...  more

Sydney's River Retreat, Guerneville
2 BR, 2 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
Looking for a perfect mid-century modern house, perched on a hillside with amazing forest views? Sydney's River Retreat is what you want! (Please note: There is a long flight of stairs to get to the house. If you have mobility issues, please ...  more

Theo's Cottage, Monte Rio
1 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 2 (4 with kids))spacer icon_wirelessicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
This pristine 1930s cottage has gorgeous views, a spacious living room and bedroom, adorably vintage kitchen, and a very private patio, all a short walk from the Russian River, and a short drive from the Pacific Ocean or wine tasting. It's the ...  more

Vineyard Cottage, Guerneville
2 BR, 1 BA, (sleeps 6)spacer icon_fireplaceicon_wirelessicon_bikesicon_pet_friendlyspacerspacer
If you're looking for a wine country experience, look no further than your front door. Vineyard Cottage is a stylish, comfortable home that overlooks a picturesque vineyard and the beauty of it is that it's only a few minutes' walk to the river...  more