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river1_b How we got here

Russian River Rentals has a unique and interesting history. In 2005, Star Lightner purchased a family vacation home at the river. She approached the vacation rental companies in the area to list her house, but was disappointed by how unresponsive they were. As she investigated further, she was also surprised by all the stringent rules regarding what dates she would be “allowed” to use her own home. It was her house after all and she felt her family should be able to enjoy it when they wanted.

One of the last companies Star approached, Russian River Rentals, was closing their doors as the owner was moving out of the area. Star had an epiphany. Why not acquire the business and build a company that would treat homeowners in the same way in which she would want to be treated? She did, and Russian River Rentals has become the homeowner-centric (yet customer-friendly) company it is today.

What we're about

We pride ourselves as being a boutique company. We're small and plan to stay that way - focusing on quality of service versus quantity of homes. It allows us to give you and the guest the personalized attention that you deserve and larger companies can't provide.

What sets us apart

  • No Fees - None, zip, nada, zero. No hidden fees either. How do we do it? No brick and mortar location. That translates to minimal overhead and no reason to nickel and dime our homeowners and guests with unnecessary fees.
  • No Date Restrictions - Do you want to have a Christmas celebration at the river or an extended vacation the month of July at your vacation home? You tell us when you'd like to use your home not the other way around.
  • Prominent Listings - Another advantage of a boutique company is your house won't get lost in a sea of other similar homes. We have a number of unique homes which stand out because we're smaller.
  • Seasoned Pros - Collectively, we've managed high-rise luxury buildings, corporate suites, executive housing, rental homes, vacation rentals, B&B's, commercial properties, large apartment complexes and so on and so on. Together, just our office team alone has 40+ years of property management experience and counting. If that makes seem old, we're all very young-at-heart 40 and 50-somethings. With our combined maturity, professionalism and expertise, you'll always be in good hands.
  • We Are Homeowners Too - You're a homeowner. We are homeowners. It just so happens that not only do we have a wealth of property management experience between us, but we own our own homes and rental properties too. Talk to any of our office team and they'll understand the stresses, the joys and all the in-betweens that come with homeownership. We screen guests, inspect, and clean, with the same care as we would want with our own homes.

Ready to list?

Give one of us a call at 877.869.0198 or email and we'll set up a time to personally meet with you and visit your home.

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