Terms and Conditions

To check availability, contact us via our online booking form, or by phone, email or fax. Just confirm the name of the house that you are interested in, the dates desired, and your contact information and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please read the Rental agreement below for our company policies. Upon booking one of our homes, we'll either e-mail you a rental agreement that will include your personal information and your reservation details, or, you may fill in a rental agreement yourself including your personal and reservation info, and send this to us via e-mail, fax, or regular mail. Payment towards your reservation will confirm your acceptance of our company policies outlined in the Rental Agreement and will make the rental agreement a binding contract.

Please read the Rental agreement below for our company policies. After submitting your home listing you'll need to sign and send back our management contract. This will also ask you to confirm that you've read our Rental agreement and are satisfied with our company policies. If you have any rules specific to your home, or policies with regards to the rental of your home that are not included in our rental agreement, you need to send them to us in writing for consideration.

If approved, we'll send all potential tenants of your home the additional rules & policies in a separate Rental Agreement Amendment so that all of your requirements can be met. The management contract also includes all other company policies not included in the Rental Agreement that are relevant to you as a home owner advertising on our site. When you're ready to list your home, feel free to call or for assistance, or simply go to the List Your Home page and follow the three easy steps to submit your listing online.


Notice to Owners and Renter
Please be aware that you are responsible for conducting your own investigation regarding any and all claims made by potential renters and vacation property owners. You assume all liability for use of any information you find in any Russian River Rentals publication. Owners are responsible for the accuracy of the information on their web pages. Russian River Rentals does not control, or guarantee any information made by persons advertising vacation rentals on this site, or by potential renters. Russian River Rentals inclusion of other vacation rental properties does not imply any endorsement of the material or any association with their operators.

Notice to Renters
Russian River Rentals assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of advertisements on this web site, nor the condition of property, nor the character of the owner. It is the responsibility of the potential renter and strongly recommended to ascertain the validity of each property, physical inspections of properties before booking can be arranged.

Notice to Owners
Russian River Rentals is not responsible for renters of property. It is the responsibility of the owner and strongly advised to validate the qualifications of the potential renters. You must request in writing any criteria you would like renters of your home to meet. Please do so within the text of your ad, and in writing to the staff at Russian River Rentals. You must Specify any special terms and conditions not found in Russian River Rentals Terms & Conditions clearly in your ad. Regarding photos, owners who specify photos to be used from a web site assert that the photos are their own property and these same owners have the publishing rights to said photos.

Notice to Users of this Site regarding Third Party Sites
This web site may contain links to web sites operated by parties other than Russian River Rentals. Such links are provided for your reference only. Russian River Rentals does not control such web sites and is not responsible for their contents. Russian River Rental's inclusion of links to such web sites does not imply any endorsement of the material or any association with their operators. Russian River Rentals has the right to remove links or disallow links at their discretion.

By using the services provided by Russian River Rentals, which include, but are not limited to, booking one of our listed properties, and/or advertising your property on our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer, and acknowledge and accept all company policies stated within the above stated Booking Info / Terms & Conditions.

Russian River Rentals reserves the right to remove any web page and to deny advertising at their discretion.